DON QUIXOTEMan of La Mancha

"The actor portraying Cervantes/Don Quixote/Alonso Quiana needs a baritone/bass voice that can fill a theater, yet can alternate from a middle aged poet to a madman who think's he's a knight to a pathetic old man. This puts a huge burden on the actor playing the role. The young Brad Baron pulls it off admirably, handling the Cervantes and the elderly Quixote/Quiana characters with impressive skill (along with an excellent operatic baritone). His performance of 'The Quest (The Impossible Dream)', a song that has become a standard and done to death, is well nuanced, and performed to fit the scene, making it seem fresh once again. His acting skills are especially evident in his encounter with the Knight of Mirrors."

"Man of La Mancha" Review (Midbergen)


"'Homochondria' by Brad Baron and directed by Michelle Leroy is an over-the-top burlesque concerning the cursed Casey Hibbert, his long-suffering partner, Joe Plambeck, and a Ghost of Divas Past and Present (Heidi Bennett). The result is good, silly fun."

Ringwald's Gay Play Series fills the bill with talent (PrideSource)

JEFF, Brigadoon

"As the OLO continues to expand its repertoire from the Gilbert & Sullivan inventory that launched it, audiences are sure to become increasingly used to shows with wider choreography and spoken word sequences. Brad Baron, as Tommy’s friend and sometimes inebriate Jeff, offers first a wingman with sarcasm to spare but who morphs into despair as an accidental killer in Act II. Baron, a bass-baritone who will be seen later this season in 'One Touch of Venus,' 'Yeoman of the Guard' and 'Ruddigore' proves it doesn’t always take music to make a character endearing and entertaining."

OLO’s ‘Brigadoon’: Where the real star is an entire town (Wooster Weekly News)

"Brad Baron, as Tommy's cohort Jeff, plays his role with comedic aplomb from start to finish."

Ohio Light Opera's 37th season kicks off in style with 'Brigadoon' (The Daily Record)

NATHAN DETROIT, Guys and Dolls

"Joining [the cast] are newcomers Brad Baron and Alexa Devlin, who make spectacular debuts as Detroit and Adelaide, respectively. Baron, who hails from New Jersey has no problem with the classic New York accent. In fact, he sounds a bit like Ray Romano and displays many of the famous actor’s same innate comedic traits onstage — and the guy can sing, too. He’s a complete package, and fun to watch."

Ohio Light Opera Hits the Jackpot with ‘Guys and Dolls’ (

"[Adelaide's] fiancé of 14 years is Nathan Detroit, that most endearing of Manhattan con men...Brad Baron plays him with a thick New Yoik accent and perpetual look of exasperation that suits the guy beautifully."

Ohio Light Opera opens 34th season with two company premieres (


"As Sir Roderick, OLO audiences are beginning to see the talent of bass-baritone Brad Baron, starting to establish himself as a performer with a bright future."

‘Ruddigore’ is the Ohio Light Opera’s ghostly little treat (Wooster Weekly News)

"Julie Wright Costa’s formidable Dame Hannah and Brad Baron’s Sir Roderick were further comic and vocal pluses, and gave their “Little Flower” duet the requisite poignancy."

The 2015 Ohio Light Opera Season. Or: Operetta Delights in Wooster (Operetta Research Center, "Forbes on Film and Footlights")

"Brad Baron takes the opportunity to shine as Roderic Murgatroyd, the leader of the ghostly chorus."

Ohio Light Opera's 'Ruddigore' is laugh-out-loud production (The Daily Record)

WILFRED, The Yeomen of the Guard

"Brad Baron, whose casting as Wilfred Shadbolt, head jailer and assistant tormenter, is one of many strokes of pure genius in this, the final of the OLO’s seven titles of its 37th season...This is Baron’s finest performance of his second OLO season. Although Shadbolt has an admittedly gruesome job, Baron makes the character somehow not only funny, but sympathetic. After all, as he tells Phoebe, 'I didn’t become a head-jailer because I like head-jailing. I didn’t become an assistant-tormentor because I like assistant-tormenting.'"

‘Yeomen of the Guard’ brings OLO audience to its feet, and quickly (Wooster Weekly News)

"Olivia Maughan was a particularly rich voiced and satisfying Phoebe, and her scenes with Brad Baron’s likable Shadbolt amusing."

The 2015 Ohio Light Opera Season. Or: Operetta Delights in Wooster (Operetta Research Center, "Forbes on Film and Footlights")

"Just as Shakespeare loved his clowns, Yeoman includes several of them...[They include] Brad Baron, who at times gives the impression of being made of rubber. These three actors are superb."

'Yeomen of the Guard' at Ohio Light Opera (Cool Cleveland)

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